Assessment and Development centres use the same methodology but with different purposes.

Assessment Centres
These are usually used for recruitment and selection. They are particularly effective as they:
Have proven success in predicting how well a person will perform in a role
Provide a standardised process so everyone has the same opportunity to show their ability
Are far more objective than a selection interview due to multiple assessors
Project a highly professional image of the employer

Development Centres
These are usually used to facilitate learning by providing an objective diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses in relation to a pre-determined set of competencies.

They are particularly effective in:
Diagnosing strengths and weaknesses
Helping identify individuals for promotion and / or succession planning
Providing an objective and ethical means to benchmark effectiveness
Sending a clear signal of the organisations commitment to learning and development
Helping benchmark employees against new competencies and values as a result of organisational change or market pressures

Psychometric Testing
Supports both assessment and development centres and can also be used stand-alone within recruitment, selection and individual and team development. Psychometric assessment is recognised as a vital component in improving organisational effectiveness through the development of teams and individuals. We have a wide variety of personality and ability tests available.
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