Executive Coaching
Executive coaching is a means of providing professional and personal development for those in senior positions.

Using a model drawn originally from sports coaching we are able to optimise personal performance, realisation of potential and effective transference to team results.

Working one-to-one with a coach over an agreed timeframe, each session is driven by your needs and your agenda, focused on goal achievement and delivered in optimum time.

Some of the benefits and uses of executive coaching are:
Improved personal performance
Privacy and confidentiality, it can be difficult airing personal development needs at
executive level
Preparation for change; personal / organisational
Career development / change
Managing stress and pressure
Managing change
Managing conflict
Personal and team motivation
Work life balance

Executive Team Development
At this level teams and their issues can be unique therefore our preference is to work with you to identify appropriate interventions.

Executive Team Development solutions tend to be development programmes or facilitated events with input tailored to your specific need.

We ensure you get the development you need.

Boardroom Facilitation
Our Boardroom Facilitation involves us working with the whole team using our tried and tested process, which includes:
Identifying information and facts, formulating solutions, creating action plans, checking progress and final review
We will work with you providing as much or as little support as you need.
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