A Graduate Training programme can help you recruit and retain the best people. Research indicates that as the fight for the best graduates escalates, young people are more likely to opt for employment with those organisations that can offer them a dedicated development programme. We have two types of Graduate Development Programmes In-house and Open. Both programmes provide the same level of learning and development.

Our programme comprises a number of modules that provide delegates with the foundations in management skills to help them progress within your organisation and develop the management and business skills needed to help your organisation succeed.

Delegates will be recruited onto a programme and will work as a group for the duration of the modules, this way networks and friendships can be developed and nurtured.

As a foundation in core managerial skills, normally our programmes consist of the following modules which are the topics most recently requested for management skills training.

Effective Communication Skills and styles
Negotiation Skills
Time Management
Project Management
Conflict Resolution
Change Management
Management Skills
- Self
- Others (procedural and people skills)

Pre and post-course work for each module, which will include questionnaires, information gathering on company approaches and policies, target setting and post-course reviews with delegates managers, this is intended to transfer learning effectively to the workplace.

Following each module feedback on the delegate's attitude, performance, involvement and participation on the course will be forwarded to their line manager and/or HR Manager.

Psychometric testing is also undertaken prior to the programme to help tailor learning specifically for each delegate and at the end of the programme to evidence change.

Programme Duration
There are two levels of programme

Standard Programme which will be 9 x 1-day modules run over the course of 9 -12 months and designed to provide delegates with an understanding of each topic area.
Premier Programme which will be 9 x 2-day modules (allowing more in-depth work on the subject matter) run over the course of 12-18 months and allowing opportunity for more in depth learning.
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