The In-house Graduate Development Programme allows you to provide learning and development dedicated and tailored to your businessís specific requirement.

Although we would recommend incorporating our normal modules, other modules can be added, emphasis on certain topics can be made, business scenarios particular to your company can be designed and durations changed to accommodate your specific needs.

The open Graduate Development Programme provides small and medium-sized businesses with a limited number of graduate recruits the opportunity to provide a Management Foundation Development Programme.

As well as giving your new starters core managerial skills that will enable them to add value to your business it will also allow you to compete for the best graduates during recruitment. Recent research has shown that so often the best candidates go to the big companies purely because of the development opportunities they can offer. Normally SME's cannot compete - but now we make that possible.

By running an open programme with delegates from a variety of different companies we offer enhanced learning and the opportunity to share best practice. You can also be assured that our trainers will protect your confidential company information at the same time.
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