The benefit of life coaching is that a coach will focus solely on an individual’s situation and circumstances.

The coach will use their skills to structure a conversation to help the coachee with development, learning and progress.

What is most important for the coach is you, what you want to achieve, what you want to happen, what goal you are striving for.
Your agenda
Your needs
Your goals

The coach will be non-judgemental, objective and focused only on you. They will accept you as you are whilst providing you with encouragement and support to change. A coach will believe in your ability to change even when or if you don’t.

Examples where coaching can be effective:
Career change / reassessment
Life planning
Lifestyle changes
Work life balance
Adopting positive and empowering beliefs
Breaking habits
Building positive relationships
Improving self awareness
Improving self-discipline, motivation and commitment

Our coaches have a broad spread of experience and professional qualifications.

We will work with you to understand your requirements and objectives and to pair you with a coach most appropriate for your needs.

An initial diagnostic meeting will clarify your goals and objectives and agree the personal contract that is at the heart of the coaching process

Subsequent meetings will re-focus and re-draw your goals as required.

The length of the relationship is driven by the goal in question and the ease or difficulty of attainment. Sometimes one meeting might be all it takes on other occasions a longer working relationship is necessary.

Confidentiality is guaranteed.
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