As the economy seems to have turned from the recent years of growth into a decline, businesses are going to have to make some difficult decisions to remain viable through the next few years until the country recovers.

Some of the actions taken may include redundancies, out-sourcing activities and departments, during this time of upheaval and uncertainty the remaining employees will need to be more motivated and hard-working than ever to meet the challenges that your business will face. This is where we can help.

We are able to provide a number of services to help you through this difficult period such as:-

Training and Development Administration – Better utilise the limited number of training and development staff that you have by removing the administrative burden from them and allow us to be your virtual training and development administration team.
Out-sourced HR and Training and Development (T&D) – We can provide as much or as little HR and T&D support as required, we are able to act as extra resource to help out your current departments or if you do not have specific departments we can provide a full HR and/or T&D service for you.
Managing for Maximum Output and Efficiency – If you need to down-size your workforce you will need to ensure that the remaining staff are engaged, motivated and working to their full potential. We can help you achieve this by helping you design and implement strategies to ensure that managers and employees are both managing and being managed for maximum output and efficiency.
Redundancy Services – Whether or not you have a HR department we are able to design and implement a full redundancy programme, showing you how to stay within the law and how to prevent grievances and tribunals by ensuring that all employees affected are treated properly.

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