Organisations face an unprecedented demand to achieve efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. Organisational change, productivity review, downsizing, delayering, reduction in overheads, all are common solutions and can lead organisations to consider redundancy as a potential solution. This is especially true as Britain slides into recession.

Whilst making companies more efficient and competitive is an exemplary concept a number of studies suggest that the envisaged and desired bottom line benefits do not translate into reality.

We can help you to maximise the benefit of organisational change by offering a comprehensive redundancy management service. You can buy a full package or select the elements that best suit your needs. Our offer includes:

Keeping it legal – Support with consultation, selection and notification processes.
Survivor Care – Those surviving redundancy are often regarded to be the “lucky ones”, the reality is that the people you now rely on to deliver results are left feeling angry, fearful, defensive, resentful and lacking in morale. Appropriate survivor care provides strategies for gaining the best out of those that stay behind.
Outplacement – support, counselling and practical job search for leavers.
Keeping costs down – People who are treated respectfully and carefully through a redundancy project are better able to adjust to the changes with less stress and anxiety. We will show you how to stay within the law and how to prevent grievances and tribunals by ensuring that all employees affected are treated properly.

Companies that go through redundancy programmes being mindful of the effect on the feelings and dignity of both leavers and survivors have significantly less grievance and tribunal claims and subsequent tribunal hearings than those companies that approach it just as a cost cutting exercise and don’t consider the emotional impact. “It’s not what you do to the people it’s how”.

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